ray has decided to retire from taco man and burrito boy for a number of reasons. though it makes me sad, i support him 1 million percent. not just because it frees up more of his time and we can begin brewing together, but because he really thought it out. though he has a great story to share, he's realized that he wants to have the time to do other things: learn the bass, brew, paint, write a fiction blog, do a journal comic.

these are all great projects to look forward to, and i'm excited to see what comes of them. it would be a completely different story if he retired from tmabb so he could sit on his butt. but he's not the type to do that (plus he doesn't sit much anyway).

it's been a hard few days for him because a lot of fans are coming out of the woodwork and telling him how sorry they are to see tmabb go, but they support him. it would have been nice if they had been a bit more supportive BEFORE he retired, but that's my opinion and i'm leaving it at that. ray has really grown as an artist and i'm proud of him. the things he can do with photoshop and a tablet blow my mind. and he's not too shabby with an ink pen either!

so ray, i love you, and i expect great things to come of this: great creative endeavors...as well as a couple great brews.


Ray Merkler said...

Thanks, baby. That means a lot. I love you too. :)

Where's the picture from? It looks delicious.

phillyeditgrl said...

anything for you :)

i nabbed it off http://pubcrawlin.wordpress.com/2006/09/and apparently it's an imperial stout. yummy, i know!