hmmm...i think there are better picks out there

sooo...when i went to check my e-mail on the grand yahoo, i was greeted by this. at first glance it intrigued me, but as i scanned the article, i was a little bummed that there weren't more interesting titles...luckily to kill a mockingbird and catcher in the rye were represented, but i dunno. i have definitely read many more books that have moved me and entertained me more than gone with the wind. unfortunately, since it's not even 9:00 AM yet, i can't think of any. gah...zombie brain.

in other book related news, i hope to have a review up of inside steve's brain soon. i am so close to finishing it, but i have been distracted by other more enticing reads. i can say this now: it's jam packed full of interesting things about jobs and apple, but the organization is horrendously piss-poor, with a lot of repetition. it is simply a book that must be read cover-to-cover in order to glean all the information from it (not that you shouldn't read books cover-to-cover). i guess it just annoys me to read a paragraph that seems hauntingly familiar...simply because the same core idea was in a paragraph 15 pages prior.

oh well.

oh...and i made a job change, which is amazing. now i'm calling a magazine home, and really enjoying it. yesterday afternoon, my editor in chief and i approved the editorial for the may issue...when only a week and a half ago i was assigned the layout. my first real magazine layout...given to me 3 days into working here. woo-hoo!

speaking of which...i think i have an article to content edit. onwards and upwards!

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Ray Merkler said...

I'd like to see what the percentages were on those books. Did the Bible get 10% of the votes, but every other book get less than that? I'm guessing the survey just asked something to the effect of "What's your fave?" and then left a blank space to write in, in which case, yeah, I'm not too surprised that the Bible came in first. The rest of the responses were probably all over the place, because non-Bible responders have every single book ever published to choose from, keeping any one book from getting more than a small percentage of the responses.