when the cat is gone, the mice will play

so it's quiet here at work since we're waiting for the ad breakdown and editorial count, but even so, I can't do a ton with the layout since my EOC is out of town on a photo shoot. speaking of which, i just had one of my own so we can update the editorial staff page, so good times there. the photographer, elliot, even said he could remove the nasty little blemish that decided to make itself comfy by my eyebrow. little bugger.

work has been going well...my first issue has already printed and looks great, and we are on to june, which is the first issue that will have my writing in it (a book review of the green marketing manifestoby john grant...pretty decent, if not frighteningly thorough). we have been hunting for “green tips” for businesses, since our focus for the month is sustainability (hey senge, have you FINALLY finished the necessary revolutionyet?)

i'll be writing another review on a book about landing pages (oh that's gonna be a fun one) and then in september i'm slated to work with the EOC on the cover story. eek!


Ray Merkler said...

Wow. Two posts within half-an-hour of each other? Go you!

That's awesome that your new job is going so well. I'm really proud of you. Also, I wanna see the pictures. ;)

phillyeditgrl said...

i already emailed you the picture we chose.