31 reasons why my worklife sucks less

so i'm bored at work, but even a boring day is better than the days i used to have at my old job.

therefore, let's pen an official unofficial list of reasons why i like my job.

1. no dress code, aside from clean and tidy.
2. massive windows that make up one whole side of my cube.
3. i have an ottoman.
4. RESOURCES! (oooooooh....aaaaaaaah)
5. i get to continue working on an iMac.
6. i get to ignore phone calls from annoying PR firms and no one yells at me for it.
7. i'm second on the masthead *vanity*.
8. Visible tattoos and piercings are okay here.
9. it's a FREAKING magazine!!!!!!!
10. free coffee.
11. vacation days can be rolled over year to year.
12. nice people.
13. i get to work on layouts, which i perversely enjoy.
14. the cafeteria downstairs has really good (and healthy!) food.
15. dunkin donuts is in the lobby.
16. i like my boss.
17. i am MUCH less stressed.
18. no stupid busywork projects.
19. my boss is a qualified journalist that understands the usage of semi-colons, commas, and hyphens.
20. the hallways have TONS of amazing artwork on the walls.
21. the company has a museum.
22. the ladies room has nice soap in it.
23. the health insurance is decent.
24. they have an annual catered xmas party.
25. did i mention i like my boss? she laughs at my jokes.
26. i make $8k more than i used to at the old crap job.
27. i can take public transit into the city...which means less driving.
28. whenever they have big meetings, they feed people.
29. you get stuff done in meetings.
30. they recycle.
31. did i mention a lack of a dress code?


Steph said...

Can I come visit you at work? :)

phillyeditgrl said...

sure...i would just need 24 hour advance notice so we can get you through building security.

kara said...

Where do you work? Can I come too? Sounds heavenly...